Listen to Music in Style, Best MP3 Players of 2018

MP3 payers are still the in thing, therefore, if you don’t want to spend much money to listen to your favorite tunes, it is essential to be cautious of where to purchase your favorite tracks. this will help you in choosing the right player since if you purchase music from iTunes then the only players recognized and allowed to play your music will be Apple’s iPod Players therefore, to avoid such cases of being limited, you can own various DRM-free music or rather music that are accepted to many company’s products.

Henceforth, while we were selecting the best mp3 players of this year, our considerations were based on the size of the MP3 player; large and small, prices; pocket-friendly and expensive. We also highly recommend a pair of some of the best over the ear headphones under $100.

Here are our top 7 Best MP3-players for 2008.

1. Best Overall – AGPtEK M20S

AGPtek MP3 player is still a new brand in the market though when it comes to affordable MP3 layers, then it stands out. for those who don’t like or need many features on their MP3 players, AGPtek will be a great model for you.


  •  Made of a premium-feeling metal and takes minimal space of 3*3*1.2 inches.
  • Plays various audio formats such as MP3,OGG,WMA,FLAC, APE, AAC, and WAV in addition, it supports FM radio
  • A great battery-life that work for 14 hrs of playback when charge for the recommended hours of 2 hours.
  •  Storage capacity of 8 GB but can be expanded with up-to 64 GB microSD card.
  • Supports 20 different languages like; English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch, making this model to be welcomed by many people world-wide.

You can opt for a second option after AGPtek which is Apple iPod Shuffle-4th generation. it was released in 2013 and what makes it great to be considered the second runner-up for best overall MP3 player is its diminutive size as well as its pocket friendly price. It is available in various colors with a 2 GB storage capacity and has a battery life of 15 hours when fully charged.

In addition, it has a easy-access controls which offer a bid and clickable control pad that makes it much easier to change volume andselect new tune/music. Just as its name suggest, the iPod shuffle, shuffles the music which are installed on your iPod. Apple has a unique feature, Voiceover that helps you to select songs; this “Voiceover” tells you the song’s title, artist as well as the battery status of the device. it is also made fromanodized aluminum which feels study as well as durable

2. Best Design – AGPTEK A01T MP3 Player

When it comes to the best design for MP3 players, AGPTEK takes the lead. Quite different from Apple MP3 players which often look pretty dated but AGPTEK-AOIT, it has a unique design; it’s sleek in addition, it’s designed with 6 touch buttons as well as a 1.8 inch color with TFT display. It is made of metal making it more durable and comes on a subtle-gold color.

It has an intelligent-digital noise reduction clip to reduce noise so that you can concentrate on the music. it also has a built-in pedometer which is a great option for athletes as well as the Bluetooth 4.0 functionality thus free of tangled cables. In addition, it has an internal storage capacity of 8GB which can be expanded for up-to128GD with a microSD card. It can also work for 45 hours of playback music or rather for 16 hrs for video-playing when on a 1.5 hours charge.

3. Best Audio Quality – Sony NW-A35 16GB-Walkman

What great feature makes an MP3 player fancy? It’s the stellar audio of the MP3 and Sony NW-A35 is the to-go MP3. it produces audios which are far better than of CD audio quality and its S-Master HXdigital-amp reduces distortion as well as noise in various frequencies while its DSEE-Digital sound Enhance Experience HX- feature often upgrade music to high resolution.

Apart from its great sound, this MP3 also looks good; simple with minimalist design that reflects how easy one can use it. All these are made possible by its 3.1 inch intuitive-touch screen. In addition, it has two models which include a 16gb and 64 gb model though they can be expanded up-to 195gb using a microSD card. You can also use this device for up-to 45hrs of playback as well as enjoy a smooth Bluetooth connectivity.

4. Best Battery Life – Sony NWE395

It can last for up-to 35 hours of audio-playback battery life. For Commuters and travelers who sometimes don’t have places to recharge their MP3, Sony NWE395 is your to-go MP3. It comes with an internal storage of 16 GB, an inclusions of a dynamic-normalizer which helps balance the volume-levels between songs.

Quite different from Apple mp3, Sony provides support for all lossless-music formats. It also offer easy content transfer using “drag and drop” through your window’s file explorer. You can create playlists from your PC using Sony’s dedicated software which offers easy transfer back to your Sony-E395 for immediate use.

5. Best Budget – MYMAHDI MP3

The most amazing thing with MYMAHDI MP3 player isits price; its cheap making it budget friendly for many individual who may which o won a MP3. it has an internal storage of 8gb and can be expanded for up-to 128gb using a microSD card. You can add your music very easily via “drag and drop” when you connect it to your computer. In addition, MYMAHDI mP3 player support various formats for music which include MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA, APE and much more.

It is made of metal though it’s fairly heavy weighing 78grams but base on the material used, it makes this device more durable. it also has a speaker on its back with a voice recorder which has a convenient A and B playback button.

6. Best for Sports & Activities – RCA 4GB-Sport Clip

It’s affordable and very simple. Unlike many other MP3 players, RCA doesn’t provide flashy touch-screen. It’s slim in size and pen-like design making it to slide easily into your active-wear pockets or even clip onto a strap.

It has an internal storage capacity of 4gb that can hold up-to 1,200 mp3s, rechargeable battery with a direct inbuilt USB just like a thumb-drive into the device, making it much easier when finding a USB cable to charge the device or transfer songs. RCA is no hassle; it’s very affordable and accommodating during your jogging and daily exercise routine.