Best Oil Filters for Your Car

Do you own a car? Having troubles to drive your car smoothly as you would wish to? Do you want to keep your engine running? Well, here there are answers for you. Oil filters! Yes, you hard it right. These are the most significant components for maintaining and solving all your car problems.

Oil filters help in keeping your car engines running smoothly and being more reliable. Therefore making a decision in picking the best oil filter for your car, would be a life-changing moment for your driving experience.

We took some time to go through some of the best oil filters that can provide you with a whole new level of experience. Here you will be able to gain knowledge about the oil filters and its components.
Let’s get started.

Best oil filters for your car

1. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Filter

This is one of the most popular brands in the market. Its excellence performance has been approved by many car users who have given it a try. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Filter has stronger filtering abilities compared to other filters.

It uses the spin-on and cartridge filter to promote its filtering capabilities. This helps in giving your car the best filtration ever.

2. Royal Purple Extended Life

This is an oil filter that is associated with producing performance-oriented components. To achieve a higher filtering efficiency, it uses all of the micro-glass that enable removal of debris. The filter also has a thick aluminum shell that promotes durability and a silicone anti-drain-back that it is responsible for preventing any dry starts.

3. Bosch Premium FILTECH

A filter that is known for producing components that are highly significant for your car. It uses Bosch’s patented FILTECH media screen that promotes achieving excellent filtering service. The filter is designed with an aluminum shell that includes a steel base which plays a role in curbing warpage that can result due to hot temperature or high pressure.

4. ACDelco Professional

This is a filter that is more cost effective compared to other filters. You can resolve to go for it if you working on a tight budget. As much as its price is friendly it also comes with excellent performance that you will be proud of.

It ensures efficient handling of debris to promote filtering. It offers durability in extreme driving conditions as well. Without forgetting one of its bonus features, it has a thermosetting adhesive seal located at the base which ensures there is no oil leakage.

5. Wix 51348 Spin-On Filter

In achieving maximum success the filter has a pleated paper medium that promotes efficiency in removing debris and dirt particles from your engine. This is a filter that will not be able to give you any challenges during installation or maintenance.


Well, you are ready to make a choice for the best oil filter for your car. We may have listed 5 but you should go for the one you feel it’s well suited for your car. Putting in mind the efficiency in the performance of each filter.

This list of the best oil filters was done to help you in making the right informed choice.